Clandestine Brewing – San Jose Nanobrewery

10272515_478815282250085_2579506081993212986_oThe Grain Trust received an invitation to a new nanobrewery in San Jose last week, which looks quite promising:

Hi Friends and Fellow Homebrewers,
   I’m happy to announce after much hard work, that starting on Friday May 30th San Jose will have its first nanobrewery with taproom.
   If you have the inclination, please stop by and have a beer or two – our hours will be Friday 4pm-9pm, Saturdays 2pm – 9pm.
   For more information, please check out the Facebook page for Clandestine Brewing or http://clandestinebrewing.com
Rob Conticello
Several Grain Trust members and friends went – the Clandestine guys are great brewers.
Mike S filled us in on the inside details:
I stopped by on Saturday as well and got one of the founders to give me a brew tour. The Hops and Toast brown is good and Milky Way stout, too based on my tastes.
They are currently using a homebuilt Brutus 10 clone with Blichmann kettles. 25-30g boil kettle, and 20-25g MT and HLT. They had two MoreBeer conicals in the fermentation room that looked like 15g.
I suspect they brewed quite a bit to have 10 beers on tap at 10355423_478815048916775_6685340488357037694_oopening.
They have two home air conditioning units in the fermentation room controlled by a control products temp controller. I use the controllers at home for my brewing operation and they work quite well.
The 3bbl rig is from stout tanks. They also had what the guy said was bright tanks boxed in the fermentation room. Couldn’t see inside so I don’t know what brand. I suspect they were actually fermenters. Here is a link to the stout tank BK.


clandestine_brewing_logoMore info:

1805 Little Orchard St. Ste. 124, San Jose, CA

Downtown San Jose – ISO Beers


A new tap room has setup shop in Downtown San Jose with a clean, modern austere interior. ISO Beers opens with over 30 taps along the stainless wall of minimalist tap handles. Bare light bulb filaments are protected by wire baskets overhead. There is an outdoor patio that is currently sparsely furnished, but looks to be a great place to enjoy a glass of the many beers on tap.

There is also a wall of refrigerators with many more beers in bottles in the back.

You can bring food into ISO Beers – we walked over and brought back Ike’s Sandwiches then ordered a pint.
Ike's Sandwiches
The full tap list is at ISO Beer Menu, updated regularly. This is a solid new tap room with a great selection of taps in Downtown San Jose! Can’t wait for the patio to be fully filled out and sunny days to enjoy the view.

More here.


2014 California State Fair Homebrew Competition

The upcoming CA State Fair competition has added three categories:

  • 14D Specialty IPA – Rye IPA, Belgian IPA, White IPA, Black IPA, Spiced IPA, Fruit IPA, etc.
  • 29 Chili Beer
  • 30 Session Beer < 5%

Drop off location:
MoreBeer Los Altos is a drop off location so no need to worry about shipping entries to Sacramento. Entry registration is due May 2nd with entries being submitted by May 16th.

Rubicon Brewing Company will brew one of the gold medal winning beers.

For more information, visit the NorCal HomeBrew Competition site